Diane Blair Award Pi Sigma Alpha Award
V.O. Key Award Journal of Politics Best Paper Award
Marian Irish Award Manning Dauer Award 
Malcolm Jewell Award Joseph Bernd Award
Artinian Award Prestage-Cook Award

Travel Grant Information

A limited number of conference travel grants are available for untenured but tenure track faculty . Several Artinian Travel Awards ($250) are available for U.S. scholars, and the new Beach Scholar Awards ($500) will be granted to two overseas participants. Previous Artinian recipients are not eligible for another grant. To apply, send an e-mail stating interest and eligibility plus a brief C.V. to the SPSA Executive Director: gcox@spsa.net .

Awards Presented at the SPSA Annual Meeting


Diane Blair Award
Outstanding achievement in politics and government

This award is presented biennially to a political scientist who has played an outstanding role in politics and/or government during their career at the local, state, national or international level. It emphasizes how important it is for political scientists to use their professional skills and learning as Diane Blair did in the real world of politics and government.

2005 Award Winner
Walter Beach
Helen Dwight Reed Educational

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V. O. Key Award
Outstanding book on Southern Politics
in previous year

2005 Award Winner
Richard M. Valelly
Swarthmore College
"The Two Reconstructions: The Struggle for Black Enfranchisement. University of Chicago Press.

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Marian Irish Award
Outstanding Women and Politics Paper

Review of papers delayed due to hurricane Katrina.
Will be awarded in 2007.

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Malcolm Jewell Award
Outstanding Graduate Student Paper

2005 Award Winner
Pamela Corley
Georgia State University

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Artinian Awards
Professional Development

2006 Award Winners

Arce, Moises 
Barnett, Timothy J.
Blumberg, Melanie 
Brox, Brian J. 
Casellas, Jason P. 
Cooper, Christopher 
Dowdle, Andrew 
Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew 
Hall, Jeremy  
Lavin, Chad 
McClurg, Scott D. 
Mosley, Layna 
Pelizzo, Ricarrdo
Piotrowski, Suzanne J. 
Shockley, Gordon  
Stauffer, Devin 
Stream, Christopher 
Thomas, Matthew 
Wheeler, Darren A. 
Yoshinaka, Antoine 

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Pi Sigma Alpha Award
for Excellence in Scholarly Writing

2005 Award Winners
Cherie Maestas and Cynthia Rugeley
Florida State University
"Bringing in the Big Bucks: Candidate Quality and Campaign Receipts from Large Donors in U.S. House Elections."

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Journal of Politics Best Paper Award

2005 Award Winners
Leslie A. Schwindt-Bayer (University of Mississippi) and William Mishler (University of Arizona), for “An Integrated Model of Women’s Representation,” The Journal of Politics 67:2 (May 2005), pp. 407-428.

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Manning Dauer Award

Manning J. Dauer founded the Political Science Department at the University of
Florida. He was the President of the SPSA in 1955. He guided the revision of Florida's Constitution in the 1950s and 1960s. The SPSA Manning Dauer Award is presented biennially to a political scientist for exceptional service to the profession.

Not scheduled for award this year.

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Joseph Bernd Journal of Politics Award

Created in memory of his parents, the Joseph Bernd Award supports the activities of the editorial offices of The Journal of Politics. Professor Bernd was an editor of The Journal of Politics and editor of Mathematical Application in Political Science.

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Prestage-Cook Award

Award Winners

Arnold, John R. 
Balaban, Stela 
Bowman, Timothy 
Boyles, Cindy 
Cavari, Amnon 
Chakravarti, Sonali 
Cherry, Kevin 
Cihasky, Carrie A. 
Clark, Tom 
Costa, Carlos 
Cutrone, Michael 
Dunaway, Johanna 
Esarey, Justin 
Fowler, Erika Franklin 
Franklin, Lee 
Galvin, Daniel 
Glassmyer, Katherine 
Gonzales, Shanthi 
Hirshberg, Gur Arieh 
Hoerl, Alexandra 
Hoffman, Marcelo 
Howard, Tiffany 
Johnson, Tyler 
Kim, Song Moon 
Kisida, Brian 
Koepke, Jason R. 
Laventhal, William Tricot 
LeRoux, Kelly 
Li, Chenghong 
Lowther, Adam 
Luse, Jennifer K. 
McGlynn, Adam 
McGowen, III, Ernest 
McMillan, Lucas 
Oates, Kathryn Lindsay 
Odachowski, Allison Clark 
Olsen, Tricia 
Ong, Nhu-Ngoc 
Orr, Susan 
Owen, Andrew 
Pimlott, Jamie Pamelia 
Pohlman, Lisa
Ringe, Nils 
Ross, Ashley D. 
Rouse, Stella 
Scheurer, Kate 
Schmidt, Michael 
Schulze, Corina 
Smith-Heimbrock, Sydney 
Sommer, Udi 
Stokan, Eric James 
Thomas, Dana D. 
Tighe, J. Rosie 
Vargova, Mariela 
Vaughn, Justin 
Werner, Timothy 
Williams, Laron 
Yon, Richard M. 
Young, Lyndsey 


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